The Wind Park in Potęgowo consists of 81 turbines with a total capacity of 219 MW. It is the largest onshore wind farm project in Poland and one of the largest onshore wind farms in Europe. According to calculations, the construction of the Potęgowo Wind Farm will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approx. 514 thousand tons per year. Thanks to the unique layout of the wind turbine system, it was possible to avoid the migration, grouping and foraging routes of bird nesting. Noise standards will not be exceeded in the towns located near the farm. The project is divided into stages – Potęgowo East (completed and launched) and Potęgowo Południe.

81 turbines
Total capacity of 219 MW
CO2 emission reduced by approx. 514 thousand tons per year
The largest wind farm in Poland

The scope of our administrative work included:

  • execution of a detailed design,
  • development of replacement construction projects,
  • participation in completing documentation for EON and ION permits
  • preparation of as-built documentation

The scope of our implementation works includes:

  • comprehensive construction works related to the complete construction, commissioning and tests with the GPO operator along with the appropriate infrastructure,
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of transformers,
  • comprehensive works including the construction of a 110kV cable line with fiber optic tracks
  • comprehensive design and construction works related to backup power supply,
  • comprehensive commissioning works
  • carrying out the first energization process
  • maintenance, operation and maintenance
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