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Electrum Concreo

Is a leading contractor of renewable energy sources infrastructure.

We build and run facilities in alternative energy, information and industrial areas. We comprehensively implement strategic contracts for large-scale wind farms and solar farms.

The Electrum Group carries out the entire process, from initial analysis to implementation and asset management. As a One Stop Shop, we also take on all formal and legal aspects, as well as the acquisition and mitigation of risks.

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What we do

Solar farms

Wind farms

Life Science Projects

Industrial facilities


Electrum Concreo is building an alternative, green energy system with business partners who share the vision of the sustainable world of the future.

We create and implement pioneering business solutions in energy and information. We want to change the environment by offering innovative services based on advanced technologies, expert knowledge and out-of-the-box ideas.

We interact with science, art and sport to create sustainable energy of the future. We strive to create an Alternative Energy System.


We started as Electrum – a small installation company – in 1997 to become a leader in the renewable energy market in Poland within several years.

As a construction company, we have gone through all stages of development to reach for general contracting of the largest wind and photovoltaic farms in the country. Clearly defined vision helped us become a Holding that implements projects along the entire value chain and throughout the complete life cycle of the contracts.

Quality management

In 2016, Electrum implemented the Integrated Management System according to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, ISO 9001 – Quality Management System. Our highest organizational standards were also confirmed by ISO 45001 – Safety Management System and Occupational Health.

Our partners

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