Gryf PV

Solar farm with a capacity of 20 MW. The projected annual electricity production is 20 GWh, which will reduce emissions of 17 tons of CO2 annually and will supply 9,000 households. The development area is approximately 32 ha. The farm consists of 36,000 photovoltaic panels, 90 inverters and 10 transformer stations. For the purposes of power evacuation, we will build 11 km of medium voltage cable line.

The farm is being built in post-mining areas – it is a peculiar sign of the times and the energy transformation taking place.

power of 20 MW
36 thousand photovoltaic panels
reduction of 17 tons of CO2 emissions per year
supplying 9,000 households

The scope of Electrum’s work includes comprehensive activities in the field of design, supply and construction of a photovoltaic farm.