We made an infrastructure capable of connecting 55 MWp (of which we connected 49 MWp, see above) in the “design and build” formula, and additionally we have created a microgrid for 10 households powered by an intelligent MV grid system.

55 solar farms with a total planned capacity of 55 MWp
Connection of 49 MWp microgrid for 10 households

The scope of our design and administrative work included:

  • development of replacement construction projects,
  • development of complete detailed designs,
  • agreement of projects with Tauron Dystrybucja S.A.

The implementation and logistics works include:

  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of the structure and system of trackers,
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of inverters, transformer stations, adders, earthing systems and transformers,
  • delivery and implementation of a full SCADA system together
  • with the monitoring system of inverters and trackers,
  • construction, road and field works,
  • comprehensive LV and MV cable works.
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