KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

For KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. (Copper Mine) we designed construction and detailed design, delivered the equipment and launched the 110kV, 10kV and 400V infrastructure along with the automation, control and management systems necessary to connect to the 110kV grid in the Surface Climate Station and the Generation Unit Station operating in a trigeneration system.

We have completed a comprehensive modernization of the existing HV/MV station. The works included the construction of a new transformer bay and replacement of two existing transformers with new ones, replacement of transformers and implementation of the auxiliary power supply system with batteries, telemechanic, measuring and telemechanical systems.

We have also prepared a visualization system based on Axis solutions, integrating, among others, chilled water preparation, water treatment stations, gas aggregate monitoring system, BMS, MV power system monitoring, reporting system.

During the works, the challenge was to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the cooling systems of mining shafts. It was required, among other things, to implement anti-freezing protection for the installation in case the mine did not receive the cold. The implemented solution is based on a proprietary algorithm that continuously calculates the temperature distribution along the entire pipeline (over 4.5 km long).

As a break in the supply of chilled water of more than 30 minutes results in the evacuation of the entire shaft, we also needed to ensure the reliability and continuity of production.

SCADA with 10,000 variables
Trigeneration system

Implementation components:

  • delivery, assembly, connection and commissioning of 10kV switchgear and 10 / 0.4kV transformers for operation in systems with increased number of harmonics, LV switchgears
  • installation of telemechanic, central signaling, lighting, power, socket, lightning protection, equalizing connections, area lighting, SSP, SSWiN, CCTV
  • execution of a redundant system of automation, control and monitoring of cold production
  • hardware redundancy control system
  • high-efficiency 20 MW cooling system for a complex process at risk of freezing (the product of the process is chilled water at 1.5 ° C)
  • a complicated process control algorithm (the program consists of over 20,000 lines of code)
  • SCADA system with approximately 10,000 variables, integrating several independent systems (ex. water pressure regulating system, water treatment system, automatic gas generators).
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