The Dębsk Wind Farm consists of 55 turbines with a total capacity of 121 MW. The estimated annual production of the Dębsk WF will amount to approximately 366 GWh, which corresponds to the electricity demand of 183,000 households. The implementation of the project makes avoiding pollutant emissions of up to 318,000 tons of CO2, 318 tons of SO2, 318 tons of NOx, 106 tons of CO and 18 tons of suspended matter possible. The expected duration of the project is two years, and the first electricity is to flow to consumers as early as 2022.

55 turbines with a total capacity of 121 MW
366 GWh of annual production
Reduction of 318 thousand tons of CO2 emissions
110 kV AC cabling, 62 km long, is the longest such installation in Europe

Scope of work:

  • Construction of the 110 / 30kV GPO Dębsk substation;
  • HV 110kV cable line with a fiber optic cable between the existing 400 / 110kV Płock MV station and the planned 110 / 30kV GPO Dębsk station (62km);
  • Construction of the MV 30kV cable line with fiber optic cables and grounding (85.5km)
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