110 kV switching station of the 220/110/20 kV Substation in Świebodzice (GIS) – modernisation without interruption

Date of implementation

2013 - 2015

General Contractor of the non-interrupted modernisation of the 220/110/20 kV substation involving: production of the execution plan, construction of a three-storey building for the 110 kV switchgear, supply and installation of an indoor 110 kV SF6 insulated power switchgear (17-bay), construction of new high voltage stations at existing linear gates, construction of a surface pipe bridge connecting the new 110 kV switchgear with the 220/110 kV autotransformer, construction of an overhead line bridge to connect the 110 kV switchgear with the 400/110 kV autotransformer, 110 kV cable connections between the bays of the new 110 kV switchgear and the equipment at the linear gates, installation of secondary circuit equipment in the new 110 kV switchgear, erection of an antenna mast, IT connections, facility monitoring and security.

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